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FAQ | Biolectric
Biolectric maakt en installeert biogasinstallaties (of pocketvergisters) die op basis van bedrijfseigen mest groene energie maken ten behoeve van jouw boerderij. Groene energie uit mest!
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Why Biolectric?


At Biolectric, we believe that our advanced technology will help shape the future of the agri-food sector by producing sustainable energy based on local waste management. The Biolectric concept was developed in 2009. Two years later, the first installation was completed. In 2018, we have built more than 200 facilities and are present in ten European countries, as well as in the United States and in Canada.


Do you have dairy cattle?

How many cows do you need in order to optimize the management of a Biolectric biogas plant?


80 cows is the minimum, you will then produce enough slurry (depending on the quality) to optimally exploit a Biolectric biogas plant.

Do you need fresh manure?


Ideally yes! For optimal performance, you should work with fresh manure.

How much manure do you need per day?


Between 4 m³ and 32 m³ per day depending on the size of the plant and the quality/freshness of your manure.

Is it necessary to have stables with a full floor?


Manure can also be pumped out of a cellar. If you dump your manure into a pit via a clump system, you will need to inject more manure into the facility because of the lower quality of the manure.

What is the size of such an installation?


You have different types of installations depending on the engine power and the reactor capacity:

  • Power type: 11kW, 22kW, 33kW and 44kW
  • Type of digester: 89m³, 145m³, 176m³, 261m³, 287m³, 362m³, 425m³, 590m³

Can the facility also work with inputs other than manure?

Anything that is liquid with less than 10% dry matter and more than 7% organic dry matter can be used to the extent that it is possible to pump the material. Example: water treatment plant, pig slurry, chicken manure, food industry residues, …

How does the Biolectric biogas installation work?

How long does it take to build such a plant?


The Biolectric installation is a compact construction that is quick to build. Thanks to our reactor/container concept, it is possible to realize the installation in less than 3 days .

What digested material does it leave at the reactor outlet?


A Biolectric facility converts your organic waste and methane (CH4) emissions into green energy and heat. The residual waste becomes more fluid (and therefore absorbed more quickly by the soil) and its smell decreases.

What is the average delivery time after placing an order with Biolectric?


Due to our continuous production line, we have an average delivery time of 2 months.

How long does daily maintenance take?


On average, 15 minutes a day.

What is a ‘fully automatic’ installation?


The biogas plant pumps a fixed amount of reactor manure daily to digestate storage and fills the released volume with fresh manure. This process takes place under the supervision of our team and can be followed online.

How does the plant work?


By anaerobic digestion in the reactor, a biogas is formed which is then purified and converted into green energy via the combustion engine. This energy can be used in the form of electricity and heat.

What are the advantages of this installation?


  • The investment can be quickly recovered.
  • By placing a Biolectric facility, your waste and methane (CH4) are converted into green electricity and heat that can be reused on the farm or in the business.
  • By creating your own energy, you no longer depend on rising energy prices and you keep control of your fixed costs.
  • Because there is no competition between food and energy. Because the sun does not shine every day, the wind does not always blow and the necessary resources are available for free… you use them to generate electricity and heat! This translates into a diversification of your company’s revenues.
  • Thanks to our unique design, the Biolectric installation is very compact and fast to build, you can start producing green energy in a very short time.